About Us

Shaphaco Pharmaceutical Industries was established in Sana’a to produce a wide range of pharmaceutical products.

Shaphaco Pharmaceutical Industries employs qualified staff. It has advanced technological facilities for research and development and utilizes the most modern production methods, supported by quality control laboratories, according to current good manufacturing practice.

Shaphaco Pharmaceutical Industries applies scientific analysis in accordance with the latest scientific norms for raw materials and supplement packing materials and semi pharmaceutical agents utilized for production to determine potency, to guarantee quality and safety of product.


Shaphaco Pharmaceutical Industries produces a wide rang of pharmaceutical products ranging in form i.e. Tablets, Capsules, Liquid, Syrup, Dry Syrup, Suspension, Drops, Ointment, Creams and Gel.

Shaphaco Pharmaceutical Industries is actively participating in improving the health care in Yemen through the production of medicines as for the needs of the market.

Shaphaco Pharmaceutical Industries co-operates in the field of technology with a number of international pharmaceutical companies in quality control and training of local technical cadre thus improving the standard of national production quality and production wise.